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Camel Festival Bikaner

Camel Festival, BikanerThe city of Bikaner is an exercise in architecture. If ever beauty has bloomed in a desert, it has been at Bikaner. Bikaner rises from the desert like a mirage, a complex town of sandstone colored turrets, cupolas, arched windows, balconies and stone screen work in a delicate lattice style. Just beyond the town lie sand dunes, vast endless stretches of an arid desert, made to bloom wherever there is water.

One gapes in awe at the annual Camel Festival which is held every year in the month of January. The festival is organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan and attracts thousands of tourists who take part in the festival in a spirit of joi-de-vivre.

Although it is an exclusive Camel Festival, traditional Rajasthani folk dance and music add to the charm of this enchanting festival including of course the enthralling Fire Dance.

The festival provides tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the most elegant camels who charm them by their graceful strides and swaying gently on the yielding sands, literally duplicating the motion of a sea liner.

The festival is held in open sandy land and needless to say, there is no dearth of that in Bikaner. The festival starts in the right earnest with an elegant Camel Parade wherein the camels are decorated in all their finery. There are a variety of contests like the best-dressed camel, the camel with the best haircut to name just a few. One can also experience the fine art of camel milking. One of the unique feature of the Camel Festival is that guests are served with authentic desert sweets made out of the purest of camel milk.The evenings are a riot of colors and visitors are entertained by distinguished folk musicians and dancers of Bikaner. The festival culminates with a spectacular fire work display which lights up the city of Bikaner. Call Us At 9509025926

History of Bikaner Camel Festival

This yearly event is dedicated to the tough animals surviving the harsh desert conditions.The festival was organized as an initiative by the Department of Tourism Art & Culture of the Rajasthan Government. Camels and the Bikaner have a long association. Since the era of the founder of the city Rao Bika Ji, Bikaner is the only camel breeding region. The gentle beasts raised here have been enrolled even in the army. The camel corps are known as Ganga Risala and have served in the world wars and Indo-Pak wars. Indian army still maintains a regiment where these brave animals loyally service in the Border Security Force.Call Us At 9509025926

Celebration of Camel Fair in Bikaner

The Camel Festival in Bikaner is a two day affair. The festivities starts off with a colorful parade of beautifully adorned camels against the backdrop of majestic Junagarh Fort. Enjoy the spectacular displays of camels dressed in vibrant bridles, traditional necklace and heavy anklets showing off wonderful footwork to the lovely tunes on desert sands. Also witness the array of camel race events camel games and other cultural performances. Hundreds and thousands of tourists and locals revel in this traditional festival.Feel absolute pleasure in the delightful ambiance.

Though the festival is exclusively organized to glorify the camels the traditional Rajasthani folk dance performances and music add largely to the charm of this festival.The fascinating Fire Dance adds glamour to the festivities.The ambiance of the fair inspires fire dancers to perform brilliant acts.Their skills and the shows are nothing short of spectacular.The melodies of folk music is a soothing sensation that world its charm mesmerizing all those whole hear it. The puppet shows are also amazing. The colorful attired puppet dolls narrate intriguing local folklores. The festival concludes with a spectacular firework display which illuminates the skies of Bikaner.The Bikaner Camel Fair gives you an opportunity to indulge into the unique camel milk sweetmeats and camel milk tea. The local Rajasthani dishes appetizes all the food lovers. Check out the stalls in the markets which offer exquisite handicrafts, jewelry, pottery and rare delights.Call Us At 9509025926

Tips for Camel Festival in Bikaner

The month of January could get really chilly in Bikaner especially late in the evenings till early morning. It is advisable that pack enough warm clothings. Carry sun screen lotions as well to protect your skin from sun during day time. When in Bikaner, one of the top things to do is to visit Junagadh Fort which forms the backdrop of the Camel Fair in Bikaner. Call Us At 9509025926

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