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Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

RajasthanRajasthan experiences extreme climatic conditions. While it is a year round destination, from the comfort level, the period between October to March is by far the most salubrious and thus the best time to visit Rajasthan India.

The climate in Rajasthan. varies according to the season. Summer in Rajasthan is hot and dry. Tourists visiting Rajasthan in summer should protect themselves from the sun by wearing loose comfortable cotton clothes, and using sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Remember to drink lots of water or fruit juice etc, to avoid dehydration.

In winter the days are sunny and pleasant while nights can be chilly. Some light warm clothing is required in the evenings and early in the morning. The warm and bright days of October to March are thus ideal for sightseeing and traveling in Rajasthan and are the best time to visit Rajasthan.


Memorable Rajasthan Tour

Tour Destinations : Delhi - Agra - Ranthambore - Bundi - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Pushkar - jaipur - Delhi
Tour Duration : 11 Nights / 12 Days

Day 01 : Delhi
The first stoppage while traveling to Rajasthan will be to reach Delhi and clear out the immigrations as well as customs. Then one of the team members would be waiting for you at the Delhi airport in order to welcome you. He will then take you towards the hotel as well as handle all tour maps along with hotel vouchers.

Day 02 : Agra
Taj Mahal, AgraThen next day, troupe will move towards Agra, which is 220 km away from Delhi. The approximate traveling is of around five hours and after reaching there, you will be taken to world’s popular monument Taj Mahal, where loads of tourists come every year and enjoy the diverse feels of this awesome edifice. For so many years, Agra has been one of the primary seats of Mughal rulers you would get pleasure in watching several historical monuments within and at outskirts of the city. There are loads of places that are considered as major tourist destinations in Agra which are Itmud-ud- dullah’s Tomb, Dayal Bagh, Ram Bagh, Sikandra, Jama Masjid, Agra Fort and most popular among all Taj Mahal.

Day 03 & Day 04 : Ranthambore
The next two days will be then spent on Ranthambore and on its route you will enjoy the Kelodeo Bird sanctuary and Fatehpur Sikri. It would take around 6 hours, if the troupe will travel without any stoppage. The National park at Ranthambbore is very popular for the Tigers inhabit there and the place is said to be among one of the favorite places for the photographers. For relatively small area, this park has rich assortment of flora and fauna. There are so many species that you would discover in National Park that include reptiles, birds, aquatic plants and variety of trees. For wildlife savy, the Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary proffers an intense assortment of animals that include loads of birds, monitor lizards, Indian hare, mongoose, boars, chital and sambar are few among others. You can also enjoy tiger safari in the national park with only two choices available, either through Canter safari or Jeep safari. The difference among two are that in jeep a maximum of five people can be seated whilst in canter, which is a kind of open bus can make sit around 20 persons.

Day 05 : Bundi
Then on the fifth day, the troupe will move towards Bundi from Ranthambore, which is 125 kms away as well as takes one and a half hours of traveling. Bundi, basically is a little town that comprises many interesting monuments such as impressive palaces, medevial forts, beautifully stoned idols with temples as well as Chattris and carved pillars. There are so many places in Bundi where one can make their visit, which are Sikar Burj, Phool Sagar, Sukh Mahal, Chitrasala, Nawal Sagar, Chattar Mahal and Tara Garh.

Day 06 & Day 07 : Udaipur
Then 6th and 7th day will be spent in Udaipur and it is approx 280 km away from Bundi. Udaipur is visualizationin white and this “City of Dawn” is surrounded by ancient Mountains of Aravali. The place is set onto the edges of 3 lakes, which is an awesome Kaleidoscope of thin lanes flanked through temples, palaces, lakes, gardens and brilliant stalls.One of the most memorable places in Udaipur is the lake palaces sparkling like jewels onto the Pichcola Lake. Jag Niwas, which was the residence of Mewar princess is an awesome luxury hotel today where people can enjoy the interiors as well as take rest. Nathdwara is very important pilgrim of Hindus, which is 48 kms away from Udaipur, and is also popular for nurturing magnificent Pichwal Paintings traditions.

Day 08 : Jodhpur
The next day, troupe will move towards Jodhpur, which is around 275 KM that takes four and a half hours traveling. Jodhpur is also known by the name of Blue city. It is one of the very popular tourist destinations and is magnificent city place of Rajasthan. Udaipur is popular for its colorful bazaars, temples, museums, beautiful palaces as well as forts. This city is rich in unique culture, crafts and arts along with colorful festivals.

JodhpurThere are loads of places where people like to visit that include :
» Ummaid Bhawan Palace
» Mandor garden
» Bishnoi Village
» aswant Thada
» Meharangarh Fort

Day 09 : Pushkar
According to the schedule the ninth day will be spent at the Pushkar city which is well-known Rajasthan City that attracts several people from almost everywhere. This city is also known very well to the Hindus because of the Lord Brahma temple and is only one pilgrim of Brahma Ji throughout world. You can also relish stunning sunset closer towards sun-set cafe.

Day 10 & Day 11 : Jaipur
The next two days of trip will be spent in Jaipur, which is known as “the Pink City”. After having breakfast in the Pushkar hotel the journey starts towards Jaipur, which is 145 Kms away and takes approx two and a half hours to reach at final destination. After reaching Jaipur, the troupe will straight away check into the hotel as well as have lunch. The sightseeing in Jaipur is one of the most famous things to do. This city is considered as one of the well-planned cities with straight avenues, wide roads, streets as well as lanes in the grid system.Day 01: Delhi The first stoppage while traveling to Rajasthan will be to reach Delhi and clear out the immigrations as well as customs. Then one of the team members would be waiting for you at the Delhi airport in order to welcome you. He will then take you towards the hotel as well as handle all tour maps along with hotel vouchers.

There are so many places of interest where you can enjoy city walk as well as tradition and culture of the local people like -
» Hawa Mahal
» Maharaja’s City Palace & the Ovservatory
» Amer Fort
» Jai Garh Frot
» Nahar Garh Fort

Day 12 : Delhi
After sightseeing in Jaipur, then troupe will return back to Delhi, which is around five hours traveling. You must check your activities according to your leaving time of the flight. You will be accompanied with car till the time you leave Delhi.