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Transportation in Rajasthan

Air Transport : As far as air transport is concerned, Jaipur airport is Rajasthan's only international airport. There are other airports at Jodhpur and Udaipur while the one at Jaisalmer is only open from October to March. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways operate regular flights to Rajasthan from New Delhi and Mumbai. Most foreign tourists land either at New Delhi or Mumbai and then take a convenient connecting flight to any of the above-mentioned destinations of Rajasthan.

Rail : Indian railway is the world's biggest railway service and Rajasthan is well connected by the Indian Railway network. Almost all the important towns and cities of Rajasthan are well connected with the four principal metropolitan cities of India - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Bus : Rajasthan has a wide network of bus services. The government run Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation along with a dedicated bunch of professional private bus operators provide efficient bus services within Rajasthan. Jaipur is very well connected by buses from New Delhi's Bikaner. House, ISTD Bus Stand and Kalle Khan. Buses leave New Delhi every 15 minutes.

Significantly the condition of roads in Rajasthan are generally of good condition. Road transport by buses and coaches are by far the most comfortable ways of traveling in Rajasthan. From air-conditioned deluxe buses to the ordinary express buses, a wide range of buses link up the whole of Rajasthan. Normally tickets are purchased at the time of departure but passengers who want front row seats are advised to book their tickets in advance.

Taxicabs : Taxis and cabs can easily be hired from most tourist destinations in Rajasthan. They range from utility to the luxurious with or without chauffeurs.

Auto rickshaws & Cycle rickshaws: For short distance traveling, the auto rickshaws are ideal. They are basically an extension of the scooter with a canvas roof and at a time can carry three to four passengers with enough space for luggage. Auto rickshaws ply on meter basis.

Cycle rickshaws are manually driven three wheelers and naturally much slower than the engine operated auto rickshaws. The cycle rickshaws are ideal for leisurely sightseeing in and around the towns of Rajasthan. They are also an environment friendly and non-polluting vehicle.

Tempos : These are rather awkward looking noisy vehicles, which are a little larger than auto rickshaws and ply on designated routes at fixed rates. Rates vary in proportion to the distance covered.

Tongas : Tongas are horse driven carriages and a great way to enjoy the old world charms of a bygone era. Although most people prefer motorized vehicles, the Tongas are still very popular with foreign tourists. Apart from foreigners, these Tongas mostly serve as vehicles for transportation of vegetables.


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