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Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a place that is dominated by hot and dry weather almost throughout the year. However, there is no such ideal time to visit Rajasthan. The variation between the day and night is pretty high. This means that though days are hot, the nights can get pretty cold and temperatures dip to a great extent. Each and every weather and season in Rajasthan is enjoyable and has its own charm. If you are keen on knowing about the peak season for Rajasthan travel, read further about the best time to visit Rajasthan.

Ideally, the best time to visit Rajasthan is during the post monsoon months. Although the weather conditions are extreme, the days are pleasant and the nights are bearably cold. The winters can be very cold though days are pretty warm. The best months for your travel to Rajasthan are during Mid October to Mid March. This is the time when Rajasthan comes alive with lively tourists exploring this mystical place in India. This is also the time when many fairs are held in Rajasthan, which are very lively and enjoyable.

The good weather in Rajasthan starts from the month of September itself. The heat becomes mildly pleasant and can be tolerated even during afternoons. Evenings are very pleasant and one can go shopping for hours together without getting tired. Early mornings are best for visiting wildlife sanctuaries. This is the time when you can spot wild animals the most. The palaces, museums and forts can be visited during the afternoons. Till the month of March, the weather is pretty good and heat again starts from April.


Before planning your trip, it is necessary to know the best time when you can visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan basically experiences four seasons all around the year and they are:

* January to March (winters)
* April to June (summer)
* July to September (monsoon)
* October to December (post monsoon)

The summer season is quite hot and the temperature is usually close to 45 degrees Celsius. Though the nights are slightly cooler but the afternoons are very humid and it becomes really difficult to spend your day exploring different places of Rajasthan. The experience is surely uncomfortable especially for the people who come from cold countries. The average temperature rises during April and it continues till June and that is why not many people are interested in visiting Rajasthan during the summers. The only place of Rajasthan which is cool during the summers is Mount Abu which is located in the Aravalli Hills. You can have a good time if you want to explore Mount Abu.

So you can say that the months between July and September can be considered ideal to explore Rajasthan with your entire family. As the monsoon season is about to start, hence the climate becomes moderate and you can visit the place without any problem. During the heavy monsoons, you will find peacocks dancing to the tunes of the rain and creating a worth exploring attraction for the people.


Apart from the monsoons, even winters are considered to be good if you are planning a trip to Rajasthan. The lowest temperature during the winters can fall up to 0 degrees Celsius hence you can come to Rajasthan during the months of January to March which is the peak time when Rajasthan is crowded with lots of visitors from around the world.

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