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Bandhavgarh History:- Bandhavgarh is a legendry place and is having mythological importance.Bandhav + Garh, 'Bandhav' in english means the brother and Garh means the fort, so the name of bandhavgarh means the brother fort. The name of the reserve was due to the presence of ancient fort on the mountain. It was belived that lord Rama has gifted the fort to his younger brother lord lakshmana.

There is irrefutable evidence of human activity and architechural techinques used in the fort. There are several man mande caves with inscription and rock paintings.The archelogical surveys states that bandhavgarh dates back to before chirst period.

In the bandhavgarh fort region you will find the written proofs of the bharihas and vakatak dynasties ruled over the land in and around the bandhavgarh region.


Some of the major dynasties which ruled the bandhavgarh area were the Sengars, the kalchuris and the Baghels. The Baghels were belived to be ruled the bandhavgarh fort for the long period.In 1618 AD, the baghels decided that their kingdom had so been extended that bandhavgarh now was in a corner of the kingdom, rather than in the center. So, in days when distances were measured in days rather than in hours, it was deemed fit to shift the capital to rewa in order to save a couple of days. Baghels, with this one stroke were able to save ages for this marvelous land, for they ended up tiger, quite unlimited though ! Once the king and the armies had villages around the fort were deserted and people started to move to greener pastures. Pressures removed, the habitat responded marvelously and a dense, diverse jungle came up, enabling the tiger pyramid to firmly establish itself. 


The maharajas of rewa, as historians would later call Baghels, realized that a most marvelous jungle had sprung up around the deserted fort of Bandhavgarh and that large and fierce beasts of strength roamed within its folds. chivairy was the most ferocious of all beasts the Tiger ! So, Bandhavgarh was declared a game reserve wwith only the royal family having rights of hunting the fierce animal. But, they put the fence rather high, so far as chivalry acknowledgements were concerned at 109 to be exact ! The Rajahs and princes had to shoot down at least 109 tigers to be termed truly chivalrous. So, Rajah Gulab Singh Baghel ended up bringing down 83 tigers during one single year in this pursuit of the magical figure of 109 !


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Hotels and Resorts In Bandhavgarh :- The Bandhavgarh National Park has shown remarkable history by highlighting the featured part in the reserve including the amazing landscapes and vivid wild species. The tourists can also witness the most alluring hotels and resorts in the buffer zone of the reserve. We heartily present the most fascinating and relaxing accommodations at the impressive vicinity of the Bandhavgarh reserve.The interiors and the services will definitely impress you in any ways. You can easily pick the best option of the hotels and resorts as per your comfort since we bring the different categories of residing options for the most sophisticated living amidst the lush surroundings. You can put your finger on any of the options ranging from deluxe, super deluxe and lodges and leverage the best services for the perfect stay at Bandhavgarh to make your jungle trip more exciting.


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