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Swiss Tent In Sangla of Rajasthan Travels are furnished with comfortable bed, rest chairs, clean and hygienic bedsheets, blankets,towels etc with 24 hours electricity, charging points, running water, room service and other facilities. Our tent are abiding in nature and exhibit a perfect blend of in lying endurance, charm and elegance.Call Us At 9509025926

Antique collection of handicraft items with best suited interior will take you out of distress produced by aggravating traffic congestion, haphazardly and unplanned developed industries and factories and emulous competition.Located in natural serenity, Swiss tents bestow you with zenith of full peace of mind colored in Himachal Pradesh culture which will remind you of ancient India.Call Us At 9509025926

Facilities Available :-

* Wi-Fi Facility
* Indoor games
* Pick up and Drop
* Laundry service
* Doctor on call
* Attached Bathroom
* slippers In Bathroom
* Rest Chairs
* Blankets
* Special travel arrangements can be made on reques


One can enjoy stay in our Luxury Swiss Tents. Each accommodation has been crafted for comfort, elegance, adventure etc. Fully self contained, with feature rich amenities luxury Swiss tents are equipped with all the basic requirements.Call Us At 9509025926

Popular Places for Camping in Himachal Pradesh

You have the privilege of enjoying camping in Himachal Pradesh in a number of scenic destinations:

Shimla: The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a picture-perfect and culture-rich destination. It is located in the Himalayas at an average elevation of roughly 7200 feet above sea level. The camping sites around the town are located amidst tranquil and scenic forests of pine and cedar.Call Us At 9509025926

Junga: It is a good place to camp due to its moderate altitude and less temperature variation.The tiny hamlet lies approximately 5190 feet above sea level and is surrounded by perpetually snow covered peaks of the Great Himalayan Ranges. Many camping establishments here have facilities for adventure sports like rappelling and rock climbing which will double your fun of staying at this beautiful place.

Shoghi: This little settlement is perfect for camping in Himachal Pradesh as it is away from the hustle bustle of cities and towns.It lies at an altitude of roughly 5700 feet and politically forms a part of the Shimla district. While staying inside tents in serene environs, you will absolutely love the clean air, replete with the scent of pine trees.Call Us At 9509025926

Dharamsala: This town lies in Kangra Valley, and has an altitude of around 4870 feet, which blesses it with a pleasant weather. Dharamsala has gained importance in the recent times for being the home of Dalai Lama, who heads the Gelug sect of Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhism. All through the day, you will be able to see the towering Dhauladhar Range from the town, which calls for a good photography session.

Best Time to Go for Camping in Himachal Pradesh

The best time to go camping in Himachal Pradesh is governed by the weather patterns of the destination you are planning to visit.

Shimla: You can come here in winters, but finding accommodation may be a slight problem due to overbooking as lots of tourists come here to play with snow. Summers are ideal to get away from the heat of the regions, south of the Himalayas.

Junga: Summers are perfect for coming here, owing to the mild heat. Winters are quite cold due to the freezing winds coming from the mountains.Call Us At 9509025926

Shoghi: As Shoghi is near Shimla, the weather patterns of the two places are similar. Hence, you should come here in summers as the temperatures will be bearable then.

Dharamsala: You can come here either in summers or winters as its elevation makes both the seasons see a pleasant weather.Call Us At 9509025926

Himachal Pradesh known as “Dev Bhumi”- abode of Gods has been blessed with natural beauty, splendour and a serene environment. It offers tremendous potential for all sorts of tourism. The State Government is moving swiftly towards the promotion of sustainable tourism in the State by setting the strategic direction for tourism, identifying short and long terms priorities and delivering programmes that engage the participation of our hospitality industry and stakeholders. The thrust is on the development of various tourist destinations, strengthening the tourism related infrastructure. We are striving to introduce best practices to improve the service standards and excellence in the tourism industry in the State.

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